Creating business partnerships for a better life

The name says it all. 2ic Limited is based on a belief that an accountant should partner your business and be the right hand person, not the leader of the business. In dairy farming we call this position the 2ic- the second in charge.

The 2ic is the one with technical knowledge that can help a business thrive and grow, allowing the business owner to focus “on” the business, not “in” it.

2ic was created with the desire to bring back the era of old fashioned service and values. The era where people built strong relationships and the accountant was one of a family’s trusted advisors; part of the fabric that makes up not only a business, but a life.

Using an approach based on knowledge sharing, 2ic is determined to de-mystify accounting and business development with a hands on, practical and friendly approach. Clients are encouraged to ask questions, develop their own skills in business and work in ways that are meaningful to them.

2ic uses a mixture of face to face communication and technology to partner with businesses of all sizes all over New Zealand.